How an Atlanta Contract Lawyer Can Help Your Business

How an Atlanta Contract Lawyer Can Help Your Business

Many business professionals have a network of colleagues and clients that can recommend attorneys who specialize in contracts. The state bar directory may also have a list of attorneys with their specializations.

Contracts are an essential part of the operation of most businesses. It is important that these agreements are clear and concise so that disputes can be resolved efficiently.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts detail an employee’s responsibilities and compensation for his or her services. An Atlanta contract lawyer can help you write these documents, and he or she can also assist you in the event of a dispute.

Employment contract disputes often involve issues such as disputed provisions for termination, severance pay, performance standards and the terms of employment. Many employees are “at-will” workers, which means they can be fired at any time for any reason. High-level executives are often provided with written employment contracts that detail a range of different types of compensation and benefits.

A key part of a contract is the choice of governing law. A company that has operations in several states may want to provide employees with contracts governed by the laws of the state where they live. This can simplify any future legal disputes.

Sales Contracts

When businesses sell goods or services to one another, a contract is usually necessary. It outlines the terms and conditions of the transaction, helping to ensure that both parties understand their rights and obligations. A sales contract can also help to protect both sides from unforeseen events that may occur during the course of the agreement.

A good sales contract will clearly identify all the parties involved, including their full names and contact information. It will also include the specific details of the sale, such as price and delivery date. It is common for a sales contract to include provisions relating to payment terms, interest, and other related issues. It is also common to include a disclaimer of implied warranties and a severability clause.

If you are involved in a dispute over the terms of a business contract, get in touch with a Georgia contracts attorney right away. Our experienced lawyers can help you resolve your matter quickly and effectively.

Financial Contracts

A financial contract is a legally enforceable agreement to buy, sell, swap or lend money, goods, services or assets. It can also involve futures and options contracts. A contract attorney can review proposed financial agreements to help you and your business avoid becoming ensnared in terms that are not favorable for you.

A breach of a contract can have disastrous consequences for your business or investment. Having a Atlanta contract dispute lawyer on your side to help negotiate and settle the issue quickly can mitigate damages and save you money.

The Robbins Firm has helped businesses, real estate developers and investors resolve a variety of contractual disputes. We have extensive experience handling contract litigation involving real estate transactions; construction and development projects; employment issues; intellectual property concerns; severance agreements; and non-compete contracts. We can also help you understand the scope of your obligations under a given agreement so that you are prepared to negotiate with confidence.


A lease is a type of contract that gives someone the right to possess and use an object for a set period of time. The object could be land, merchandise, or an automobile. The agreement will state the length of time that the lessor will allow the lessee to use the property, how much the lessor will charge for the use of the property, and any other relevant terms.

Lease agreements are usually legally binding contracts between a landlord and a tenant. These contracts can be written or verbal and cover a variety of topics, including the length of time the agreement will last, who will pay for what, and any stipulations regarding pets or other issues that may arise during the term of the contract.

No matter the industry in which you operate, well-written contracts are a necessity. A knowledgeable Atlanta contract attorney can help ensure your contracts are drafted properly and that any disputes are handled efficiently.

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