How an Atlanta Bus Accident Attorney Can Help Victims Get the Compensation They Deserve

How an Atlanta Bus Accident Attorney Can Help Victims Get the Compensation They Deserve

The right lawyer could help victims receive a large enough settlement to cover medical bills and other expenses related to their injury. While a monetary award would not make life exactly the same, it could alleviate some of the stress associated with living with long-term injuries.

Different kinds of buses run through Atlanta, including school buses, city buses, and private shuttle services that transport guests to airports or hotels. Each type of bus has its own set of regulations and insurance policies.


Countless people rely on bus transportation every day in Atlanta, Georgia. While most trips are made without incident, these vehicles do experience issues from time to time. An Expert Atlanta Bus Accident Attorney can help injured victims recover maximum compensation from responsible parties.

A skilled Atlanta bus accident lawyer will take into account the various factors that can affect a bus crash, such as weather conditions. In many cases, a bus accident is caused by a driver’s failure to observe traffic laws. For example, drivers are required to stop for school buses that are loading or unloading passengers.

A well-qualified Atlanta bus accident lawyer will also assess the role of other parties, such as the bus company and manufacturers of defective parts. This step is crucial for obtaining maximum compensation for an accident victim’s losses. These damages include medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and future earnings. A qualified Atlanta bus accident lawyer will use a legal process known as subrogation to recover these costs from the at-fault party.


Nobody expects to be in a collision with a bus, but unfortunately accidents involving buses happen frequently and can lead to serious injuries. When you or a loved one is injured in a bus crash, an experienced Atlanta bus accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your losses. This compensation could cover medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and lost income.

Your attorney will review all the details of your case and identify any and all parties responsible for your damages. They will also hire an expert to perform accident reconstruction and examine property damage to determine the cause of your crash.

Your attorney will also ensure that you receive the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to. These damages are intended to offset your loss of enjoyment of life and to reclaim your quality of life after an injury. This is especially important if you are suing for negligence against a government agency or large corporation, which often has teams of lawyers and bureaucratic red tape to navigate.

Knowledge of the Law

The various bus transportation systems that operate throughout Atlanta, Georgia, are governed by a wide variety of rules and regulations. This means that there could be many different defendants involved in a bus accident lawsuit depending on the nature of your claim. For example, you may have a claim against the school district if your child was hurt in a school bus crash or against the city government if the crash happened on a public transportation system such as MARTA.

Experienced Atlanta bus accident attorneys understand the complex laws that govern these types of cases. They can use their knowledge of the law to help you recover the maximum damages available for your claim. This can include compensation for your past and future medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of consortium, and more. This is why it is important to hire an attorney who has extensive experience handling these kinds of cases.

Negotiation Skills

In addition to assessing the value of your case by totaling your medical bills, repair bills, lost wages, and the severity and longevity of your injuries, an experienced attorney will also understand that insurance companies often aim for low settlements. By negotiating your claim, an Atlanta bus accident attorney can ensure that your compensation accurately reflects the full extent of your losses and that you receive what you deserve.

A skilled Atlanta bus accident lawyer will know how to work with a wide variety of parties, including private companies such as Greyhound and Coach USA as well as government owned transit systems like MARTA and the City of Atlanta. It is sometimes possible that several parties bear partial responsibility for a single accident, which will require an in-depth investigation.

An experienced attorney will also understand how to deal with obstructive insurance companies, who may try to deny your claim or reduce your payouts by alleging that the at-fault driver’s policy was canceled or that they were excluded from coverage.

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